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Post  Captain on Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:41 pm

Please read these before you start posting! They'll not only make your experience here better, but will inform you, also.

  1. Try to refrain from swearing. It's not banned, but swearing less will increase your reputation. People will like you less if you swear excessively.
  2. Like most forums, no spamming. Spamming will be punished with a 168-hour ban (7 days).
  3. Excessive posting isn't acceptable. We appreciate your enthusiasm for TGC, but posting excessively is not recommended, as it may push more interesting topics down to the bottom.
  4. Respect the Authorities. We're a peoples' nation here at TGC, but you still have to respect the website authorities. This includes Local and Global Moderators, Administrators, and Co-Administrators.
  5. Respect other members! It makes the experience worse for the other members, and it will ruin their experience. We have a good karma system here, and if you ruin someone's time here at TGC, the authorities will be sure to make your experience here just as worse. Twisted Evil
  6. Post topics in their respective areas. This is just common sense. Don't post Xbox 360 topics in the website suggestions forum, bla bla bla.
  7. Images on the forums may not exceed 800x600. If you need to display a large image, use a thumbnail!
  8. Enjoy yourself! There's nothing we like seeing more than a happy, healthy discussion forum. Smile

Those are all the rules we have right now. 99% of these are all just common sense. Just use your brain, and you'll be fine. Wink Keep checking up to know the rules! (you can also look at the forum title to see the current rules version)

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